Friday, October 28, 2011

My Holiday's

How is your holidays?

Well, I spent time with my dad’s family. It was really nice to spend time with them because we clean and talk. We laughed till we felt tired. Watching TV and playing outside was what we did all day. It was time for lunch but we still played. Chicken soup was there for us to eat. We ate till We were full. “Thank you for the food” I said politely.

We had a nap after, suddenly we heard a ding noise coming out of my grandpa’s room. We awoke with silence walking to his room. I was worried cause he was sleeping. I walked in but it was him having a cup of tea. I laughed “ha ha”. He asked “Why do you look worried”, “oh I thought that you were sleeping” I said.I was hungry but the Chicken Soup was finished. My dad asked me to run to the shop and get some more bread.I woke up my cousin. We ran to the shops. We brought 4 loafs of breads and some lollies to eat on the way home. “Thank you dad” I said.

I spent alot of time with them.It was time for me to go. My mum picked me up. “Good bye” I groaned. I really enjoyed spending time with my dad’s family. I was hoping to go and visit them again. :D

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