Thursday, April 7, 2011

Athletics Day!

This is the day I have been not waiting for,well it is Athletics “ya” I said with no excitement. All the other kid were excited but me.

“Fold your arms” I cried. Sadly, no one was taking any notice of me. No one listened. I cried out again. Sh, sh,. Oh no! I couldn’t control my team. I am not a good leader. But I tried my best. I gave up. “ Tokilupe you can do,” I cried. I backed away and pretend I did not see my team.

It was time for our house chant. Keas tried they best but geckos won. Even though we didn’t win, we were proud of what we did.

It was time to announce the winners. I knew we were last. I didn’t want to hear Mr Coakley announced it.
“Fourth place”, he bellowed is Keas. We clapped quietly. Kiwis were third, Tuis’ second. And the winners is Geckos. Yea, yea, they were good.
I was not interested in the rest of the day. I was disappointed with myself and my house.

“Time to go home” I yelled. I grabbed my bag and off I went not saying good bye to my friends.

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