Friday, August 26, 2011

The Talent Quest 2011!

It was the feast day on Friday and on that day we had a celebration. We also had a talent quest. It was my group and It was our turn on stage.(Angelica Dorothy Fetuli Fatai and I). I was really shy. I began to move around, I didn’t like the 1st dance my group and I did, It was all mucked up. But even though I thought that it was awesome.
Group by groups were going up to perform.

While that was happening I was getting ready to perform my 2nd dance. But we were on at 2nd to last. I waited and waited.”Two more Performance then us ” Angelica said. It was the 3rd to last group was turn. “ One more group guys till us” Ofa Whispered So I walked to the back door and waited.

Waterlily’s group is now going to perform for you now” Lavina belowed. The song was playing and I had to run down the middle and danced. I really liked it. I was performing 3 times. This is my last performance. I was singing a song with Angelica and Ofa ( Song - Some one’s watching over you ). I think I didn’t do good cause I couldn’t hear my self. Even though, I did well on my dancing.
:-) To bad I’m not going to be here for next year’s One :-)

Maths Reflection

This week I have learnt to solve addition problem using partitioning (add ones to tens separately).


23 + 35 =

23 + 35 = (23+30) + (3+5)
= 50 + 8
= 58

Thirty + twenty = 50
Fifty + three =58

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Swimming pool experienced.

My highlight was when I first entered the swimming pool. The water was so lovely and warm ,I just wanted to float and relax on the water with no noise. I really wanted to, But we had to learn lesson on how to swim. I wanted to stay there for the rest of the day. I walked outside, “ooh” I had goosebumps running all over me. “Zzz” My mouth was shivering, It was to cold to get changed. I was back in class. I am looking forward to go back again to have some more fun.
Swimming Pool.